Your screens and data can fly to you with Firnass.

Firnass is a Remote Desktop Control/Sharing for Mac, Windows and Linux. it comes also with File Transfer and VoIP.

Firnass is the Internet-ready and the next version of the Java Remote Desktop: jrDesktop ( which works only over LAN).

Firnass is a java remote desktop control and desktop sharing application that works over the Internet and even behind Firewalls and NATs.

Firnass is developed from scratch. it does NOT use VNC, RDP or any other known screen sharing protocols nor does it comply to them.

You can download the beta version here or go here for the online Applet.

Note: Firnass is not open source but you can use it for free now.


Current beta version (click here to try it now)

  • Works over Internet with NAT and Firewall traversal.
  • Using ID numbers as in TeamViewer.
  • File transfer with Drag and Drop.
  • Chat + VoIP.
  • Four modes of connection(Access, Share, File Transfer, Chat+VoIP)
  • Three modes of sharing(Screen, Window, Area)
  • Good compression ratio.
  • Low bandwidth consumption.
  • Using UDP instead of RMI/TCP.
  • Run remote commands.
  • Clipboard synchronization.

What is next

  • Session recoding/playback.
  • Remote shell.
  • Registration and usernames.
  • Contact list.
  • Whiteboards.
  • Games.
  • Conferences.
  • Internationalization (supports of other languages).
  • Full support of Vista and Windows 7.
  • Build a complete support and helpdesk solution
  • Remote printing
  • VPN
  • Make it the best remote desktop control product
  • ...